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Agit POV

Agit P.O.V (Petit Objet de Vélo) is a microhack for bicycles relying on the persistence of vision (POV) effect, the propaganda tactics of the russian avant-garde (AGIT Prop) and the SpokePOV Project by Limor Fried (LadyAda).

A modest 12 LED circuit, a microcontroller, codes, a battery mounted on your bicycle wheel and the speed of the cyclist suffice to illuminate the streets with your poetical-political message. AGIT P.O.V. invites participants to a workshop and textual performance in the streets of our cities. Our bicycles are vehicles that can carry our poetic and creative voices and agitate the city.

POV (Persistance of Vision) is a phenomenon based on the residual presence of an image on the eye for 1/25th of a second. The myth of persistente of vision posits that the human perception of motion is the result of persistence of vision. In this way, the drawings of the zootrope, the photographic experiments of Muybridge on the successive instants of a horse’s gallop produce the impression of the continuity of movement.

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