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World Wide Wave hopes to restore the horizonless cacophony of humanity's outcry and lend an objectifying glimpse of the simultaneous global happening that is radio to the user.

With SofyYuditskaya 

The rendering of this virtual reality into an object, hopefully gives enough distance to consider, criticize and manipulate the database on the fly. And from the immersive environment and see the aural landscape as a whole.

 It is also an experiment in archive mapping, by plotting radio stations on the globe their underlying organizational structure emerges.


The visualization is a plotting of stations according to geographic location. Hoping that when we get enough data, the index of the archive will be enough to make visible it's underlying organizational structure, much like

a photograph of the world at night makes evident it's geographic and political boundaries.

For example the United States of America shines brightly on the map, while Africa is mostly coastline with a few glowing spots in the middle.


The project comes in two parts:

One part is the development of a recreational open application for listening to radio streams and databases of sound.

On the application there are two signals being heard at all times:

                                                                                                                 _One is made of the samples from the Golden Record, which was sent out on probes during the seventies for extraterrestrial life in case it should stumble upon them.

                                                                                                                 _ And the other signal is a mix of terrestrial radio stations that are streaming to the net.


Aural sources are mapped to a globe according to geographic location.

The player interface is a virtual simulation of the simultaneous global happening of internet radio broadcast, and other  non-live databases.


Second part of the the project, was to develop a series of scenes for performance, with this player and its associated databases and maps. By using the player with and custom built wearable controller .


Spaceship earth is mapped to the body by using input from the accelerometers given by a wii controller.

The movement of the sphere is directly mapped to the movement of the performer. The core of her body is directly replicated in the core of this simulation of the world.


Her highlighting, that despite the cacophony of voices, spaceship earth mirrors the human condition and is a solitary traveler through the universe.


When stations pass through the core of the world they are selected and played.


Depending on the movements of the performer's limbs, she can cycle through the samples from the Golden Record.


The outfit has embedded sensors inside that are activated by their proximity to a magnet. The sensors are placed at joints throughout the body.


The world is mapped to the core of her body, The satellites to her limbs.



This project was developped thanks to the kind hospitality of moddr lab in Rotterdam and

the wonderful steim in Amsterdam.


Core code by Dan Wilcox and lots of processing libraries

Butchered by SofyYuditskaya and performed by Valeria Marraco .





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